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  • Criminal Examinations

    Understanding attorney/client confidentiality is important. As a retired from law enforcement agent, I have a great understanding of the court/legal system. My knowledge and experience will benefit someone who is currently under investigation or charged with a criminal offense. I can assist attorneys in determining the truthfulness of their clients.

  • Fidelity and Domestic Issue Examination

    If you suspect your spouse, partner, or significant other of betraying your trust, a polygraph examination can confirm or disprove your suspicions. As long as they agree to take the exam, we can help you to determine the truth.

  • Specific Issue Examination

    Specific issue examinations for the public are common. If you have been accused of an act and you want to prove your innocence, a polygraph examination may provide you with the proof that you need.

  • Probation and Parole Compliance Examination

    Determine if an offender on supervision is abiding by the conditions set forth by the courts and/or Parole Board. Tests can be administered to determine involvement in new criminal activity, use of alcohol and drugs, weapon possession, or any other type of specific violation.

  • Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PSCOT)

    A Specific Issue Examination is used to determine facts of the crime and can be used if the convicted offender is in denial of guilt. This examination would also be utilized if there is a specific event in question that requires further understanding.

    A Maintenance examination is utilized to monitor an offender’s progress and the compliance of their probation or parole conditions.

    A Sexual History or Disclosure examination is used to determine the extent of an offender’s deviancy. It may help to determine if there are additional victims or offenses.

  • Business Economic Loss Examination per EPPA Guidelines

    Business Economic Loss Examinations are offered and must be in compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) requirements. If you require an examination related to ecomonic loss in your business, please review the guidelines on this page before contacting us. U.S. Department of Labor fines in excess of $20,000 may be levied if the guidelines defined in this federal law are not followed.


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