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What is the Polygraph Examination Process?

An exam consists of everything that transpires regarding a given matter. Commencing with the initial interview and concluding with reporting of the diagnostic opinion, the process can be separated into three distinct phases.

  • Pre-Test Phase

    Sign Consent Form

    Determine the Physical and Psychological Suitability for Examinee

    Evaluate the Case Facts

    Formulate the Exam Questions

    Review the Questions with the Examinee

  • Testing Phase

    Instrument Sensors are Applied to the Examinee

    The Instrument is Calibrated and Balanced to the Examinee

    The Examinee’s Norm or Baseline Readings are Determined

    Actual Testing Commences. Testing Consists of Intermittent Periods of Testing and Re-Resting until a Suitable Number of Readings and Charts have been Obtained for Accurate Diagnostic Consideration

  • Diagnostic Phase

    Data Obtained During the Examination is Compiled

    Numerical Evaluation of Charts is Completed

    A Report of Diagnostic Opinion is Issued as one of Three Possibilities:

    Non-Deceptive (Truthful)

    Deceptive (Not Truthful)

    Inconclusive (No Opinion)

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